Artist's Statement  


“Painting is my daily challenge, my inner journey, of knowledge, of introspection. At this moment, this interior look takes as reference the landscapes. Open spaces, distant, calm, very basic, with no other element than the sky and the sea or the earth, in which I find the distance, depth and silence that are necessary to me.

I work several series of works that are different approaches to the same subject. Simultaneous series that feed back, that influence one another, making them evolve. Works painted in silence and with a horizontal stroke, always horizontal, minimizing and simplifying its content, painting more sensations and feelings than images, letting myself be carried away by what is emerging until finding what I call my balance.

In these abstract landscapes, the horizon has increasingly taken center stage and, unconsciously, has become one of the important and necessary elements in many of my works. Far horizon and, at the same time, very close. A clearly marine horizon, which wants to contain all its immensity. A look out, that I recognize as interior, as introspection. An element so simple but that is fundamental and powerful. A search for simplicity, the distance of everything and everyone, the inner silence, the stillness that leads to the awakening of consciousness."

Camil Giralt

INNER 09 - 80x80.jpg
INNER 06 - 100x100.jpg
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